UPFRONT Caps - Many styles & shapes

Looking for a new cap? At UPFRONT we have specialized in making state of the art caps and other headwear since 2009. See our great selection of high quality caps here and choose your style(s).

    Choose between our many styles and shapes

    At we know everything there is to know about caps and headwear. We live and dream caps - that's why we have spent many years (since 2009) innovating and perfecting our many styles. We have a great selection of UPFRONT caps, which are available in many styles and shapes - so you can choose exactly your personal favorit. If you are into the legendary snapback, or if you are for the more conventional baseball or adjustable one in a single color - we got you covered. We strive to keep innovating. Constantly improving the looks, design, production and materials. At UPFRONT we have a style for everyone.

    UPFRONT only produces high quality caps

    When it comes to the quality of our products, we never compromise. We have no interest in cheap caps that are not durable. We live by happy customers who appreciate our quality products and the great selection we have. Therefore you can always find high quality ones, which are made of durable materials and have a good durability at UPFRONT. And of course they can be washed too, if needed. Typically, cheaper "no name" brands go up in the seam and easily lose their color or the hardness of the visor. You will not see any of this with UPFRONT, as we only design state of the art caps with high level quality standards. Find them here online, where we always have lots in stock. 

    Favorable prices on caps

    In addition to the fact that we have a great cap selection here at, we also have some of the best prices online! Which also is why it is possible to find something for anyone. You can read more about specific caps by choosing the category you want to see. Should it be an ex-band or a snapback or another style? All our products are high quality at the best prices. In addition, our shipping is cheap - and we have is free shipping to Denmark and EU countries (EU: Orders over €65).

    A cap should fit perfectly

    When buying a new cap, it is important that it fits perfectly. It should fit snugly without tightening or scratching at the edges. All caps in our range are made in such a quality that it is never a problem. If you are in doubt about the fit, it will make good sense to buy a one that can be adjusted. Then you can always tighten or loosen it. Choose one that suits your personal style, maybe has an edge to make you look fresh. We have plenty of them here at UPFRONT, so you can find one or more that fits perfectly on your head and to your style. They are fast and easy to put on, and creates an instant edge to your stylish or more casual look. Your cap will always help you keep looking fresh.

    An UPFRONT cap goes with all outfits

    If you are looking for a casual cap that fits well with all outfits, you have ample opportunity to find one that fits perfectly here at UPFRONT. There are no restrictions when it comes to nice headwear. You can find one that matches your clothes one day, and take it on the next day for another outfit. We consider them to be garments just like clothes and shoes. Therefore it is always nice to have collection of caps at your disposal.

    Caps are for everybody

    One of the many good things about caps is that they fit everyone. Whether you are a boy, girl, man, woman and so on. It is not important. The main thing is that you find one that fits you well and gives you the desired look. Most of our caps are unisex and can be worn by all genders. Just remember for the smallest sizes, to look in the Kids selection.

    Which should I choose?

    They are available in different shapes and designs and it is up to you which style you like. There are caps with smart adjustable closures, so you can adjust the shape exactly to you. Are you more into one with flat visor, then you can go for one of our snapbacks. If you are more into a classic design, then an ex-band or baseball cap maybe the way to go. At UPFRONT we have many different styles and we keep innovating on them and come with new ones. See more in our "latest drop" selection.

    What is a cap?

    A cap is a piece of modern and popular headwear with flat or curved visor in front. They come in many different styles and variations. You can use the it if you need shade from the sun, or in the winter to keep your head warm. But most of all it is a stylish clothing to express your personality.

    Can it effectively protect against UV radiation?

    Caps are extremely effective in protecting against the sun's rays on all the surfaces it covers and creates shade.