Bucket Hats

What is a bucket hat?

A bucket hats is a soft, round hat often made of cotton that can have ventilation holes and with shade all around. It is used by men, women, boys, girls etc. and of all ages - especially in summer as protection from the sun. But most of all it is a great headwear for many outfits.

High quality at great prices

At upfrontcompany.com we love fresh designs and styles, but we also have a great attention to details and quality. That's why we only produce high quality headwear! We want our happy customers to be able to use our products for many years to come, and therefore the quality must be top priority. It can be clearly seen on bucket hats, if the quality is not in order. It must be able to withstand a little of everything. Therefore we never compromise on the materials. And if there is a need for a wash, for example, you should be able to do it calmly, without fear that your beautiful bucket hat loses its shape or colors. However, the fact that our products are of the highest quality does not mean that the prices are also high. In fact, we have some extremely favorable prices in our shop. At UPFRONT we are all about cool styles, good quality and prices that are understandable. We see no reason for you to be ruined in order to put the finishing touches on your outfit here.

An UPFRONT bucket hat completes your outfit

As with most hats and caps, a bucket hat can help give you the final touch to an already fresh look. It can be styled in really many different ways and is cool for both boys and girls, men and women etc. It has often been spotted in the hip-hop scene, but it can be styled in many other different ways as well. Many celebrities has worn it with different fashion clothes, and if you choose one in a softer material, for example, it can easily be used with a long coat for an effortless look that looks fantastic. Furthermore, bucket hats are of course an excellent solution if one day you can not get your hair to work - then you can throw on a crisp bucket hat and instead focus on looking completely fresh!

Are bucket hats effective UV protection?

Bucket hats can protect your head, face, ears and neck from the sun's UV radiation (where the shade covers).

Can it be used both in summer and winter?

Yes, it can. There are bucket hats that are made more for the summer and effective sun protection. And there are also ones that are made more for winter and are water-repellent, due to waxing. For the smallest sizes see our kids collection.